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    Sally Tomatoes is a sit-down restaurant located in the SOMO Village Event Center that believes deeply in community and responsible business practices. We partner with local companies to features farm to table organic products.

  • Cuisine

    Excellent cuisine starts with superior ingredients. Our dishes feature the highest quality products from local farmers, merchants and artisans.
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Upcoming Events

Headline Comedy - Rudy Ortiz

8:00 pm

Phone: 707-665-9472
Hosted By: Sally Tomatoes

Paintnite - Illuminated Fireflies

6:00 pm

Phone: 707-665-9472
Hosted By: Sally Tomatoes

Sally Tomatoes Presents - Fat Tuesday

5:00 pm

$15 Cajun Dinner served 'till 8pm

Doors @ 5pm

Music @ 7pm


Phone: 707-665-9472
Hosted By: SAlly Tomatoes

Dogma Animal Rescue Paint Nite Fundraiser

9:05 pm

About The Event

Dogma Animal Rescue Paint Nite Fundraiser 

Contact is Kathleen Ellis - dogmafundraising@gmail.com

Phone: 707-665-9472
Hosted By: Sally Tomatoes





Where in the World is 

Sally Tomatoes?


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  • Event Center

    The SOMO Events Center provides customers with the ability to hold any event from parties and weddings to fundraisers and conferences. Sally Tomatoes has a prime location at SOMO that makes our Event Center perfect for your next gathering.
  • Cafe

    Sally Tomatoes has a spacious main dining room and a full bar in the SOMO Village Event Center. The new facilities allow us to serve you fresh food while you enjoy a drink from the bar.
  • Redwood Grove

    The SOMO Event Center’s newly remodeled Redwood Grove is the perfect place to enjoy your meal and drinks! With seating for over 100, heat lamps, and draping lights, the Redwood Grove provides a memorable backdrop for your Sally Tomatoes experience.
  • Catering

    Sally Tomatoes understands how important your catering affair is to you and your guests. We are a trustworthy and reliable catering company that will provide you with a stress-free experience and a memorable social event.
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